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With the Managing Lives service, our aim is to simplify your life. Whatever your lifestyle is, we are ready to help you with everything, from the smallest tasks to the most important matters. We can manage the widest range of services for you, allowing you to have more time for yourself.
From booking and reservation services to the management of your relations with various service providers, we only have one premise: it is the client’s choice.
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To facilitate your day to day we have a wide range of services and suggestions to offer. We suggest and book events, for the clients’ convenience and according to their needs. We organise leisure, gourmet and cultural programs as well as sporting activities, or simply support you in handling daily tasks.

Some examples of our services:

- Ticket reservations
- Chauffeur service
- Petsitting
- Babysitting
- Restaurant booking or having a chef come to your home
- Requests for your day to day/special occasions

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With this option we will take things a little further, becoming more than an efficient presence in your life. We will handle your exceptional requests for unique and special occasions, offering key solutions for the realisation of these moments. We manage all service provision, from the seeding planting of the idea to the realisation of your wishes). The objective? To surpass your expectations.

Some examples of the services we can provide:

Property search for purchase/rent
- Renovations or redecorations
- House moving coordination
- Organisation of 6  5commemorative moments
- Personal agenda management
- Planning and organisation of tailor made trips
- Legal and para-legal services
- Fiscal services and paperwork management

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In this plan we build a close relation of continued support with you. We participate and assist in daily tasks, not only with the selection of the best professionals in each field, guaranteeing the highest standards, but also by suggesting, evaluating, selecting and helping to execute(realise) your needs and demands.

Here are some examples of the services we can provide:
- Conduminium and Garden services hire
- Vacation bookings
- Valentine’s Day, Fathers’ Day, Mothers’ Day, Children’s Day, etc...
- Contract review: electricity, water, gas, phone, internet, TV
- Childcare centres and pre-schools selection
- Schools and Universities preselection
- Insurance review: auto, home, life, etc...
- IRS submission
- Transport services hire
- Automotive services market research: Inspection, Revision, Purchase/Sale Would you like to make this your Quotidiano?
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Governo vai simplificar registo de casas para arrendamento a turistas

Diploma deverá estar aprovado em Conselho de Ministros até ao final de Junho.



Consumo de luz duplicou em 15 anos

Nos últimos 15 anos assistiu-se a uma alteração dos hábitos de consumo de energia das famílias portuguesas. 


Contribuintes não conseguem entregar IRS porque portal das Finanças "não funciona"

Os contribuintes não estão a conseguir entregar as declarações de IRS no Portal das Finanças.



Lei do arrendamento urbano ainda à espera de ajustes

Nos pontos acordados entre o Estado e a 'troika', em maio de 2011, estavam alterações no mercado de arrendamento, reabilitação e fiscalidade e cujo impacto total ainda se espera.

Patrocinámos o 3º evento EPWN
Cascais, 26/11/2013
O Quotidiano patrocinou o 3º Evento Internacional Anual da EPWN...

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