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Hassle-Free Living, ensuring your peace of mind

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Welcome to O Quotidiano, where we simplify property management for both savvy investors seeking income from their houses and second-home buyers looking for hassle free villa care.

Let us handle the day-to-day upkeep and rental management services, turning your property into
a worry free investment or a tranquil retreat, tailored to your needs. O Quotidiano is your curator of serenity, liberating you from the intricacies of villa maintenance.

What we Offer

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Elevate Your Experience with Our Must-Have Services.

Weekly Artistry and Mastery in Coordination

Our team performs a choreography of care, conducting permanent attention weekly visits to ensure your villa stands as a testament to excellence.
Think of us as conductors orchestrating a symphony of services. From security and cleaning to gardening and pool maintenance, we manage all your service providers, ensuring your villa remains a haven of tranquility. Even the small things, as taking charge of utility contracts or collecting your mail, everything flows seamlessly in the background.

Guardians of your home, Curators of Your Lifestyle

Rest easy with “OQ” as your vigilant overseer trusting our property managers keen expert eyes. Through strategic partnerships , we ensure a cocoon of safety and ongoing upkeep around your villa. You can relax, knowing we are always on the lookout to prevent any issues in your sanctuary.

Your comfort is our priority, leaving you free to revel in the joys of your Life

Investors Advantage

For savvy investors seeking rental income, O Quotidiano offers expert management for both short and long-term rentals. Maximize your returns with our seamless coordination, ensuring your property becomes a lucrative investment.

Expand your portfolio with confidence as we handle every aspect,
from marketing and managing relations with real estate agencies to preparing your property for letting.
Whether it’s long-term stability or the flexibility of short-term rentals,
“OQ” tailors its services to your investment goals.

Contact us, to embark on a journey of unparalleled service and luxury property management.


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Coastal Villas &

Let’s share some News

Why are we venturing to the sunny Algarve?


Just a 15-minute drive to Faro Airport, we ensure swift accessibility for you to seamlessly reach the heart of the amazing Golden Triangle.

Golfers Paradise

Algarve boasts an impressive 32 golf courses, creating a haven for golf enthusiasts seeking the perfect swing and scenic landscapes.


With over 133 beaches, the Algarve’s coastline unveils a diverse collection of stunning shores. This panorama sets the stage for endless possibilities, inviting you to embrace the essence of slow living lifestyle.

Note from

Meet Rita
OQ’s Founder

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Dear Future Client,

As we embark on this exciting journey into the future, we are thrilled to announce the expansion
of O Quotidiano’s portfolio to the enchanting Quinta do Lago in Algarve, extending our reach from the vibrant coastal towns of Cascais and the serene landscapes of Comporta.

This decision is not just a move; it’s a strategic leap towards providing an even more immersive, exceptional, and tailored experience for our valued clientele.

Our strategic expansion to Quinta do Lago signifies a deliberate step into an exclusive realm where boutique services meet the epitome of sophistication. Even within the sophisticated market, “OQ” distinguishes itself with a personalized, friendly approach to the business. We believe in fostering genuine connections and ensuring our clients feel a sense of warmth and familiarity. Our commitment extends beyond business formalities; we are here to curate experiences, build relationships, and provide unparalleled property management services with a personalized touch
for our discerning investors. 

P.S: “No need for the tongue twister – just call us OQ.
Your shortcut to chic, personalized property management.

Savvy Investors

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Welcome to OQ Investor’s Corner
Tailored for savvy investors looking to maximize returns and streamline property management. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your investment portfolio. Designed to enhance your investment journey. Here’s what sets us apart:

Managing Properties since 2013

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We let our clients talk for us

Talk to us

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    Talk to us

      Holistic Property Management

      A holistic approach in property management refers to a comprehensive and integrated strategy that considers all aspects of property care and enhancement. Instead of focusing solely on one or a few specific elements, a holistic approach takes into account the entire property ecosystem and its various components.

      At OQ, we redefine property management with a holistic approach, ensuring every aspect of your investment receives meticulous attention.

      Whether it’s short-term or long-term rentals, our expert team ensures a smooth and efficient process.

      Bespoke Investments

      Benefit from the flexibility to optimize your portfolio, leveraging our strategic insights to enhance your investment strategy.

      Your investment goals are unique, and our services are tailored to meet those specific objectives.

      Transparent Communication

      Stay informed with regular updates on your property’s performance and market trends.

      We value open communication, aligning our services with your evolving investment strategies.

      OQ´s Advantage

      Experience the difference of working with a dedicated team that understands the nuances of the real estate market & property rental markets.

      From maximizing rental income to ensuring the
      long-term solidness of your investments, always partnering with the best, OQ is your 360º partner to rely on.

      Marketing Exposure

      Benefit from our unparalleled expertise in marketing, ensuring optimal exposure for your property. We strategically position your investment to attract the right tenants or guests & maximize returns.

      Collaborative Venture

      At OQ we’re allies committed to navigating the complexities of the property investment market.

      Trust us to lead you, from beginning to end, always prioritizing your best interests.”

      Real State agency Relations

      Real Estate Agency Relations: Establishing strong relationships with real estate agencies and prestigious online platforms to amplify your property’s visibility in the market

      Diverse and strategic Locations

      Benefit from our extensive reach across key locations, including the serene landscapes of Comporta, the vibrant coastal town of Cascais, upscale Lisbon, and now the enchanting Quinta do Lago in Algarve.

      We strategically position ourselves in these key locations for a reason – to bring you the most sought-after locales and deliver unparalleled experiences in prime destinations.